The Educator

Mr.Mustapha Louznadji


Former teacher of English, Founder and  President of the Association of Teachers of English, Inspector of National Education, TEFL Teacher, Online Supervisor, Website Founder, Web co-designer, but still a very active educator who keeps on trying to innovate and share with Algerian supervisors, foreign educational experts, Algerian teachers and student-teachers.

Through his devotion, passion  and wisdom, he demonstrated great professional, pedagogical and technological skills.

He keeps on doing research to respond to teachers' and students' needs, and he translates all his experience through creative projects that have helped everybody overcome the challenges of  the reform in education and the new technologies.

The Supervisor


Behind every outstanding educator, there is an excellent supervisor.


Mr Louznadji is an Algerian educator who leads by example, and who brings out the best in teachers . 



Not only does he believe in teachers' existing knowledge  and competences, but also praises them in different ways such as certificates of gratitude and appreciation  to their contributions and yearly Awards.


The Webfounder


Since he launched the website, Mr Louznadji did not stop caring for all the issues related to ELT and 21st Century Education. He devoted all his time and energy  to respond to  teachers' and students' enquiries through situational responses and ELT articles that he published on the website.

Hero Teacher

  To express their gratitude and pride of being under his supervision, many teachers who contributed to different Professional Development Courses and Classroom Observation agreed that Mr. Louznadji deserves the Outstanding Achievement Award.

He is also named a Teacher Hero among the world educators.

The article can be read on the link below:  


The iEARNer

Since the beginning of partnership between ELT@lgeria and iEARN, Mustapha Louznadji has been an active member of iEARN@lgeria starting from an online course participant to an online course facilitator in the round the follows after his participation to iEARN annual conference in Qatar.

 Mr.Louznadji Continued to work in collboration with the country coordinator to participate to all the activities and events organized by Miss.Kheira Mezough.

 He has been working to conduct workshops , recruit teachers and train them on Global collaborative projects, as well as to prepare them for the online course. 

Mr.Louznadji has been a great support to iEARN@lgeria, as he travelled around the country with the country coordinator to spread iEARN in Algeria. He attended the following workshop : 

2013 - 2014: Oran - Mostaganem - Tlemcen( the west of the Algeria) 

December 2015: Algiers ( the capital city) & Constantine ( the East of Algeria) 

May 2016: Sidi Belabes ( The west of Algeria) 

March 2017: Oran ( A national Workshop and Exhibition in the West of Algeria) 

December 2017: Guelma ( A National Workshop and Exhibition in the East of Algeria) 

January 2018: Bechar ( Preparation of teachers in the South )  

March 17, 2018: Participation to a Panel at the English Language Forum Organized by AMIDEAST . The panel is about online opportunities for teachers,iEARN@lgeria Success Stories.  March 20, 2018: BRIDGE Regional Workshop and Exhibition in the South Cities.    


My global family in Qatar: