After 6 years of commitment and hard work,

ELTAlgeria team

is proud of the outstanding achievements.

May our future efforts

be more successful and rewarding!

Happy 6th Anniversary!


We invite you to watch a video below,

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Happy anniversary to ELT@lgeria and congratulations for the hard work of the team behind this success.
Mrs.Djedla Atek
Hammou Boutlelis High School.
Good work! Highly deserved congratulations for 6 years of hard work, everlasting as well as communicative enthusiasm! Proud of your representation of Algeria towards so many  other countries. Happy anniversary and long long life to ELT@lgeria!
Mrs.Malika Allab
Hammou Boutlelis High School,
 My sincere congratulations, happy anniversary to our website. great job has been done so far, and the results are greater, words cannot express our thanks and gratitude for everything you are doing.
We are proud of being a member in this wonderful community.
Thank you again. 
Mrs.Nacera Sahraoui
Hammou Boutlelis High School,


 Happy anniversary for ELT@lgeria.

 I wish you long life and more success.

Mrs.Louiza Lakel
Colonel Lotfi High School,



"Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty..." T.Roosevelt.
The ELT@lgeria team and family really deserve respect and gratitude.
 Here is a gift for us all:
May you be here today and tomorrow.
 May your enlightenment flourish and grow.
May today be the first day.
May ELT@lgeria be here to stay. 
 May the kids pray for all.
May Allah prevent the fall. 
 May you come today and forever.
May you be our intellectual saver. 
May all of us be the light.
May all the minds ban the fight... 

Mr.Khalid Baghoussi

Mentor, Mostaganem. 


Happy anniversary to ELT, wish you more success and a long life to continue to improve teaching English in Algeria and encouraging all initiatives. Thank you for all the very interesting articles, videos and documents you send us.

Leila Hadj Moussa


 I would like to offer my congratulations to ELT@lgeria Team on your achievement of 6 years in hard work. With your commitment to teaching, I am sure your next 6 years will be just as successful as the first 6. Best wishes to all!" 

Nacera Bouzekri
High School Teacher
Hi colleagues at ELT@lgeria

Six years is some achievement!  Very well done.
What will you have learnt by the end of 2014?  
Where will ELT@lgeria be then?
What are your 'targets' for 2014?
Wishing you continued success on your 'learning journey'
Best wishes 
Phil Silvester CBE
Phil Silvester Educational Consultancy Ltd. 
 Hello everyone on the ELT@lgeria Team,
Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishement. The successes you have achieved reflect the hard work and vision that you all have put into this effort. 
And, as important as this 6-year milestone is for you, it is even more important for the students and teachers with whom you have worked. They are the true beneficiaries of your work. 
Thanks for continuing to put teachers and students first as you move into future years! May there be many more!!!
Edward Gragert 
Executive Director Emeritus, iEARN-USA
Happy anniversary to ELT@lgeria.
I offer especially my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you
Mr Louznadji and to your team. I really appreciate your outstanding achievements.
Best of luck.
Chikh Boudellal
Senia New High School
Happy 6th anniversary to ELT@lgeria and congratulations on such a momentous achievement! We should all feel a great sense of pride.
Happy anniversary and many happy returns!
We respect and admire the level of guidance demonstrated here.
We look forward to many more successful years.
Thank you
Moualid Nour Elhouda,
Teacher of English
Colonel Lotfi High School 
Dear colleagues,
On behalf of iEARN Taiwan, I send you our sincere congratulations for your sustainable achievement. 
With educators around the world, we are sure of making a difference to our students and help them become better global citizens.
Best wishes,
Doris Wu
Country Coordinator of iEARN Taiwan. 
 Quote from two very important people to me: "Teaching is the greatest gift of optimism....thank you Kheira and Mustapha. You always impress and inspire me. 
Kathy Bosiak
North Carolina
 Congratulations, you all inspire me to be a better teacher and person.
Renee  Noel Day
 You have shown incredible perseverance and commitment to your vision through the many years of working so hard your way through. Keep up your energy.
Eliane Metni.
Dear friends in Algeria,
We send you our warmest congratulations from the Netherlands. 
 And yes, we have to believe in our dreams, as this is the only way to share and create good energy and friendship and contribute to peace for all.
In friendship,
Bob Hofman
iEARN Netherlands.
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news. I have so enjoyed following your activities over these years.
Conrgratulations to the whole ELT@lgeria team on your great successes.
Lisa Jobson 
Chief Program Officer
Dear friends from Algeria,
This is a great accomplishement and you deserve to celebrate!
Thank you for sharing great news with us...more years to come is our wishes for you.
Enid Figueroa, Puerto Rico
Kristin Brown, California, USA
Tere Pujols, Puerto Rico 
iEARN Orillas 
 Congratulations to the whole Algerian team from sunny Australia on Australia Day.
Best wishes
 Judy Barr
Warmest congratulations and sincere wishes on the 6th anniversary of ELT @lgeria website. Since its inception in 2008, the site has carved itself a respected reputation.
The initiative  of the 'initiators', under the guidance of Mustapha Louznadji,who deserves all my gratitude and respect, has added motivation and incentives to participate actively in professional development activities and educational issues.It has also  reduced isolation and enhanced productivity.
I hope ALL the colleagues throughout the country will get involved. Thank you Mustapha,thank you the team, thank you colleagues.
Seddik  AMMARI 
Inspctor of National Education 
Probably, no greater honour can come to any educator than the appreciation of her/his colleagues.
Our heart is filled with deep respect and gratitude  for your encouraging comments.
Please accept our sincere appreciation and thanks for being supportive and understanding.
ELT@lgeria Team 
Quote from two very important people to me: Teaching is the greatest gift of optimism..................... thank you Khiera and Mustapha . I needed to hear that right about now...........
Quote from two very important people to me: Teaching is the greatest gift of optimism..................... thank you Khiera and Mustapha . I needed to hear that right about now...........